Zero-Based Budget Committee Page

School Commissioner Alan Matson led the Zero-Based Budgeting Committee. This group reviewed every expense and built the budget from scratch. Members of the committee included Keith Pillsbury, Nathan Moreau, Vince Brennan, Judy Rosenstreich, Alice Rudd, Nancy Kaplan, Terry Bailey and Scott Lisle. The committee had their first meeting on March 23rd.

For minutes of meetings (as approved) see the Board Minutes Page.

The committee reviewed a number of documents as part of this process. Those documents are included here.

Documents by Type (PDF or Excel) and Title

  • Excel FY 2011 Adopted School Budget that was approved by Burlington voters on March 2, 2010.
  • Excel Financial and school comparative information for the FY 2010 Burlington Schools Annual Report.
  • PDF FY 2011 Five Year Revenue Summary Comparison for the School General Fund
  • PDF FY 2011 Five Year Expenditure Summary Comparison for the School General Fund.
  • Excel Five Year Comparison of Revenues and Expenditures for all Burlington School Department Funds.
  • Excel FY 2009 Burlington School Department Preliminary Audited Financial Statements to be included in the FY 2009 City Audit.
  • PDF FY 2008 Annual City Audit Report by Sullivan and Powers, Inc. CPA firm.
  • Excel Three year comparison of each school districts projected revenues and expenditures and estimated tax rates for FY 2011.
  • Excel Town Meeting grid for income sensitivity and projected tax rate and tax amount for each school district.
  • Excel State Aid to Education Student Equalized Pupil Count for State Aid Funding for FY 2011.
  • Excel State Aid to Education Technical Center Six Semester Average FTE for State Aid Funding for FY 2011.
  • Excel Comparison of the latest financial statistics for each school district in the state based upon the FY 2008 Annual Statistical Report.
  • Excel Vermont per pupil spending comparison for all school districts based upon FY 2010 school budget.
  • Excel Comparative school data for cost effectiveness for each school district in the state.
  • PDF Vermont school district teaching staff fte and salary comparison.
  • Excel Comparison of each school districts enrollment for the FY 2011 school year.
  • Excel Fall 2008 listing of the number of student ELL (English Language Learners) by school district.
  • Excel FY 2010 two year average of the number of students in poverty by school district.
  • PDF FY 2011 Special education service plans for each school district.
  • PDF FY 2011 Estimated special education costs based upon school district submitted special education service plans.
  • PDF State of Vermont rules and regulations for Vermont school districts.
  • PDF Vermont school district school construction planning guide.