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School Closings

As winter weather approaches, let me remind you that Burlington seldom calls snow days. For about half of our kids, the school provides a warm building with food and adult coverage that they would not have at home. Also, because we are a city school, busses can run and we don't have to contend with the dirt roads that our neighbors do. I do appreciate hearing from people (before 6 a.m.) in different parts of town about road conditions. I try to make the call at 6 a.m. if at all possible, in case that helps you plan your snowy mornings. It is a nice perk to have AlertNow, our automated communication outreach system (telephone), reach staff and parents almost simultaneously! If your contact information has recently changed, be sure to check in with your school administrative assistant with these updates. In addition to AlertNow, tv and radio stations are notified, the District Facebook page is updated and the below site lists closings across the region:


Jeanné Collins

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