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Fundamentals of Accounting / Bookkeeping I

Bob Fredette

30 Hours

This introductory course will provide complete coverage of three accounting cycles- proprietorship, partnership and corporation.  The course is interactive in its nature and combines lecture, discussion and case analysis.  The student will understand accounting terminology, double entry accounting practices, journals and ledgers, payroll practices and much more.
$200 Wednesdays 6:00 -9:00 PM Begins Feb. 8


Reverse Mortgages

Jim Dean

3 Hours

A Reverse Mortgage is a financial tool, frequently insured by the federal government, which allows senior homeowners access to a portion of their home’s equity, without having to pay it back during their lifetime, as long as they live in the home.   We will explain how reverse mortgages work, who could benefit from them and the various programs available.
FREE Wednesday 6:00 -9:00 PM Feb. 8 ONLY


Italian I, Basic Conversational

Adrian Languasco

30 Hours

A simple conversational approach to the practical application of the language.  Acquiring vocabulary, everyday expressions and grammar will be emphasized. As well as reciting Italian expressions, asking directions and getting assistance with travel in Italy and other personal needs.
$200 Wednesdays 6:00 -9:00 PM Begins Feb. 8


Spanish I, Basic Conversational

Silvia DelCastillo-Alzamora

30 Hours

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with everyday common expressions including nouns, adjectives and use of special verbs.  This class will be a simple conversational approach to the practical application of the language.
$200 Wednesdays 6:00 -9:00 PM Begins Feb. 8


Financial Planning

Thomas Pound

20 Hours

This class will help you understand investing concepts at a level that suits your needs. The entire class is customized by a financial advisor to discuss financial topics in a learning environment. Through this class, you’ll gain a better understanding of the investing tools and strategies you can use to help reach your long term investment goals.
$200 Wednesdays 6:00 -8:00 PM Begins Feb. 8


Preparing to Buy a Home

Kelly Deforge

3 Hours

Pre-approval.  What does it mean?  Can I get a mortgage? Can I buy a house? What is the function of the lender, appraiser, inspector, realtor and attorney?  Learn from a professional to determine if you are ready to buy.  Someone who  can show you how to sort out housing options, show you how to shop for and apply for mortgage loan products and answer your home buying questions.  
FREE Tuesday 6:00 -9:00 PM Feb. 7 Only


French for Travelers -- Oui?

Alysse Anton

20 Hours

So come join us and learn the fundamentals that will provide you a passport to Francophone cultures. Learn to navigate the cities, order delicious food, find the cultural hotspots, and not feel lost when you discover Montreal, Quebec City, or one of the 35 other lands where French is spoken. This class is taught by a native speaker and skilled instuctor. A one-day outing to Montreal will complete the course. So enroll now and get ready for winter in Montreal or Paris in the Springtime!
$200 Tuedays 6:00 -8:00 PM Begins
February 7


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Continuing Education recognizes that not everyone's schedule allows for the attendance of classes in person. We are proud to offer online classes in partnership with Ed2Go. Students can register for and complete their choice of more than 300 online courses. Online classes offer convenience and ease of completion.   An online instructor is available for questions, and technical assistance.

You can select your class and complete it at the time and place which is most convenient for your schedule.  Enroll Now . . . With such a high volume of classes, we know you can find the right course you need.



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