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Extended Display Vs. Clone Display (Projectors)


I just wanted to get everyone a place to search out how to setup up displays, especially during the school year.

If you have a projector in your classroom, many of you do, and it's connected to your computer, chances are your Projector has taken primary ownership of display when your system has been reimaged.  We, at the helpdesk, try to correct this so you're not left in the "blank" on your monitors, but sometimes it can be missed, especially at the start of a new school year.

This article will attempt to cover changing your display settings.  This also goes for getting Movies to play on the projector as well.

If you have no display, but you know you're connected to a projector, try turning on the projector and, chances are, you'll see the familiar CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen we're all accustomed to.  Go ahead, from here, and login.  If you have display on your monitor, login as you normally would.

Once signed in, right click nearly anywhere on the desktop.

Once there, hover over the Graphic's Options.  A pull out menu will appear.

Next hover over the Output To menu, and another menu option will appear.

Next hover over the Clone Desktop menu option, and yet another menu option will appear.

Right Click

In this menu, you should have two options to select from:

Monitor + Digital Display


Digital Display + Monitor

Clone Options

To be able to watch videos on the projector you will need to choose Digital Display + Monitor.  This will allow the video to be played back on the Projector, but not on the Monitor, which is the normal requirement.

If this method does not display video to the projector, but it does on your monitor, try setting the Clone Desktop Monitor + Digital Display.

Hopefully this helps out!.

Thank you.

RghtMenuDsktp.png RghtMenuDsktp.png
CloneOptions.png CloneOptions.png

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